A free program of emotional support, education and hope for people with cancer and their loved ones.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. The Wellness Community is presenting
Frankly SpeakingAbout Colorectal Cancer educational programs at facilities around the country during the month. For more information please click here. All programs are sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Roche Laboratories Inc.

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We offer On-line Support Groups for those coping with breast cancer. For information click here.

The Wellness Community is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people with cancer and their families enhance their health and well-being by providing a professional program of emotional support, education and hope.

The Wellness Community provides a full range of support services to cancer patients and their families in a comfortable home-like setting, completely free of charge. We offer drop-in and on-going support groups, networking groups for specific types of cancer, educational workshops, stress management sessions, lectures by experts in the field of oncology, and social gatherings all with laughter, joy and hope.

If you or a loved one has cancer, you dont have to feel alone. There is a whole community behind you.

At The Wellness Community, people with cancer learn that they are not alone. With the diagnosis of cancer often come feelings of fear, depression and isolation. Each day at The Wellness Community, people with cancer and their loved ones can be with others who share the same concerns and feelings, thereby reducing their isolation, while retaining and maintaining as much control as possible. Participants learn how to become “Patient Active” and to get involved in their treatment. Our goal is to help as many people as we can recover to the fullest extent possible.

Here is a recent newsletter:

The National Office of The Wellness Community is happy to welcome The Wellness Community of Central New Jersey into its network of support. The group is certainly joining The Wellness Community at an exciting time of growth and outreach. We currently have 21 facilities in the U.S. and two international facilities in Tel Aviv and Tokyo, providing services to over 25,000 peo- ple with cancer each year. In addition, this year at The Wellness Community we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. We are marking this impor- tant milestone in Washington, DC, by honoring our founder, Dr. Harold Benjamin.

It is a wonderful feeling to realize that the voice of our organization is being heard and that

TWC-CNJ: Our Story

The idea of creating a haven of support for people with cancer and their families began in the hearts and minds of a few people who shared a common vision. On Jan. 19, 2001, this small group began meeting to discuss the possibility of starting a cen- ter where people who had been diagnosed with cancer could come for support. As the meetings became more frequent, the dream developed into reality. A plan of what the center would look like was drawn, and a mission statement, goals and objectives were written.

While researching other sources of cancer support, the group discovered The Wellness Community (TWC), which had numerous affili- ates, 20 years experience, and some very impres- sive and unique programs of support and empow- erment for people with cancer and for their loved ones. Believing it made good sense to partner

our message continues to reach people across the country. That is the feelingI got when a group from New Jersey approached the National Office wishing to spread our message of hope in their community. In less than two years, the group has received its non-profit status, formed a Board of Trustees, obtained its charter from our national office, and garnered substantial funding. A great accomplishment!

During the next few months, you will learn more about the group’s vast progress as the Board of Trustees prepares to open its doors to the com- munity—all with one purpose in mind—to pro- vide people with cancer and their loved ones, at no charge, professionally led programs of emotion- al support, education and hope as an integral part with an organization that has strong ties to the medical community and offers a wide variety of evidence-based, professionally run programs, the group decided to seek affiliation with TWC.

“People who are con-fronted with cancer need reassurance, direction and motivation to face this challenging period in their lives,” said Eunice Jadlocki, a founding member and president of the Board of
Trustees. “Our vision is to become an integral part of the standard-of-care by providing support and educational programs in an environment that fosters hope.”

“We are the only affiliate of TWC in the New York – New Jersey area,” adds Eunice. “We to strive to improve our services and broaden our reach as we work to meet the needs of thousands of people with cancer across the U.S. and throughout the world. We welcome The Wellness Community—Central New Jersey’s spirit and determination as they too demonstrate their commit- ment to achieving these goals!

Kim Thiboldeaux President & CEO
The Wellness Community —National

New Jersey represents an area with almost 25 percent of the total number of new cancer patients in New Jersey in 2002.” According to the American Cancer Society, the Garden State is one of the top ten states in terms of estimated new cancer cases.

After months of organizing, we received our charter from TWC- National on March 31, 2002, and officially became The Wellness Community of Central New Jersey (TWC-CNJ). In April, we achieved 501 (c)(3) (nonprofit) status.

Our mission is to be dedicated
to helping people with cancer and their loved ones by providing cost-free, professionally-led programs of emo- tional support, education, and hope as an integral part of medical care and treatment.

Our Programs

“Combining the will of the patient with the skill of the physician – A powerful combination.”
Harold Benjamin, Ph.D., Founder and President Emeritus, The Wellness Community

The Wellness Community of Central New Jersey will provide numerous path- ways that people with cancer may fol- low to actively participate in the fight for recovery. All programs are offered completely free of charge. Anyone who walks through the doors of TWC is wel- comed and encouraged to partake in any or all of the programs of education, support, and hope.


A Community Center: A homelike setting available all day long where peo- ple with cancer can come to be with others, share and learn, and fight for recovery.

Orientation Groups: Informal drop-in sessions where people learn about TWC and the services that are available. Participant Groups: Weekly meetings facilitated by licensed psychotherapists in which people with cancer explore new ways to deal with their disease and become part of an extended family. Family Groups: Weekly support groups facilitated by licensed psychotherapists to help family members or significant others learn how to care for themselves while supporting the person with can- cer.

Networking Groups: Diagnosis-specific meetings to discuss and exchange infor- mation about prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, etc.


A Resource Library: A room equipped with reading materials, audiovisuals, and information regarding community and social services that are pertinent to people with cancer. Those who wish to search the Web for cancer information will have computers available to them

in the Resource Library.
Education: Lectures and dialogues pre- sented by authorities in fields of interest to people with cancer.
Nutrition: Nutritionist-led discussions about what foods are best to aid in the fight for recovery.
Workshops: Participatory learning opportunities on a variety of topics that are related to reducing stress and foster- ing hope.


Relaxation/Visualization: Regular guid- ed sessions during which participants learn how to practice important self- help procedures designed to make them feel more relaxed and comfortable. These could include yoga, meditation techniques, tai chi and other helpful methods.

Exercise: Training in gentle, appropri- ate movement techniques given by qualified instructors.
Social Events: Gatherings that bring participants together to laugh and play.

Forming the TWC-CNJ Professional Advisory Board (PAB)

The PAB will play a fundamental role in the ongoing success of The Wellness Community and its programs. PAB members will advise the TWC Board of Trustees and Executive and Program Directors based on their professional expertise and the needs of people with cancer in our community. This multi- disciplinary group will have a balanced representation of professional medical experts of various specialties, including oncologists, radiation oncologists, sur- geons, OB-GYNs, psychologists, psy- chiatrists, oncology nurses, and social workers specializing in cancer. If you are interested in learning more about our PAB, please contact: Eunice Jadlocki at 908-371-9285.

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