How To Master Cold Weather Running

How To Master Cold Weather Running

How to Go for a Run Even When It’s Freezing

It’s cold again and that means your morning and even afternoon runs are in jeopardy.  Even though it maybe 25-degrees out, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your exercise.  There are more than a few ways to get some miles in even when it’s cold outside.

For hot weather runners, it’s always about staying hydrated and to keep your body cool by any means possible.  Running in the summer means wearing fewer clothes, drinking tons of fluids, and letting sweat keep you cool.

For obvious reasons, cold weather running is completely different.  Rather than sweating it out, you actually want to keep fluids from accumulating while also making sure your core temp doesn’t drop off too much.  It’s also super important to note that when you work out in the cold, your immune system works harder than it normally would.  A stressed immune system makes you more vulnerable to frostbite and airborne diseases.  Here are a few tips to stay safe and warm when running in cold weather.

  • Layers Upon Layers. I’m pretty sure you already know this but layering in the winter is kinda important.  Too many people still make the mistake of thinking physical activity negates having to layer up.  Sure, if it’s brisk or cool, layering might not be the best idea.  When it’s cold, layers are essential.  When bundling up, it’s important that you cover up your entire body.  This means wearing a hat, a vest, gloves, a scarf, a heavy coat, and a thick pair of socks.
  • Stay Warm! Duh.  Well, I’m not just talking about your core temp or body temp.  Taking the time to do proper warm-ups is essential when running in cold weather.  Warming up before a run or a job keeps your joints from stiffening and helps your body acclimate to the freezing temps.
  • Fluids Are Still Important But so is Your Diet. Of, course it’s important that you stay hydrated.  However, when it’s especially chilly, you might want to start taking a look at your diet.  During the winter months, you might want to consider increasing your caloric intake.
  • Be Social. Running with friends is a great way to mitigate the affects of cold weather running.  Friends are great motivators and keep you from getting too bored on long runs.  However, they can also help you notice the symptoms associated with hypothermia.
  • Sweating in the Extreme Cold.  Fabrics that keep you dry are essential to any cold weather running routine.  These fabrics whisk away moisture and provide additional protection from the cold.  Moisture-wicking fabrics are available in shirts, gloves, hats, and bottoms.
  • Maybe It Really is Too Cold. Maybe it’s below freezing or maybe there are five inches of snow on the ground or maybe there’s both.  There is such a thing as it being too cold.  Always keep an eye on the weather and know when it’s too cold.  There’s no shame in skipping a run to wait for the snow to melt.

That’s about it.  As you head out this winter to begin your cold weather running routine, keep these tips handing.  Also, make sure to check out the latest deals on cold weather active gear.  Urban Boundaries is one of my favorite sites for cold weather running gear.


Custom Coffee Sleeves are The Best Place for Motivational Quotes

Custom Coffee Sleeves are The Best Place for Motivational Quotes

Check Out These Awesome Motivational Quotes Printed on Custom Coffee Sleeves

Considered tacky and cliche, you’d be surprised how beneficial quotes are to a person.  Motivational and light-hearted quotes are a fantastic and free way to stay positive.  There are a plethora of ways in which you can display quotes.  Many people choose to display quotes on sticky notes on the side of their computers or even frame them in their homes.  One interesting (yet super effective) way in which to display your favorite quotes is through the use of personalized coffee sleeves.  Using customized coasters is also another great way to display quotes and positivity! 

There are a few groups printing personalized coasters.  We took a look at a few from St. Louis-based Sleeve-A-Message.  Sleeve-A-Message allows customers to print multiple quotes and designs per order.  That means you could potentially pick a variety of your favorite quotes and each day, surprise yourself with a new one.  Here are a few of our favorites.

“Big Egos Have Little Ears”

I don’t know why I love this quote so much.  There’s something so relevant about this quote.  With world leaders today having such massive egos, the little ears part is just so true.  You can’t learn without having big ears.  Have a small ego and listen.

“All Limitations are Self-Imposed”

Even if it’s not 100% true, it’s a truly inspirational quote.  Essentially what’s being said here is that even if there are limitations inhibiting you, their self-imposed because through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, you can overcome them.

“Failure Cannot Cope with Persistence”

This is 100% true.  Persist and you won’t fail.  It’s that simple.

“The Greatest Wealth is Health”

Somewhat true, it’s important to value your health.  We spend so much of our lives working that we often forget about our health.  Why accumulate wealth if you can’t enjoy it due to health issues?  Good health leads to a long and prosperous life.

“Punch Fear in the Face”

Yeah.  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Fear is nothing compared to what you can do.  Get over the fear of fear and you will succeed.

“8 More Hours to Go”

This is me every morning when I’m pouring my first cup of coffee.

“Beginnings Are Always Messy”

So true.  Whenever I start something, especially when there aren’t any strict guidelines, I always have a tough time embarking on it.  It starts messy but by the end, it’s fantastic.

“A Good Friends is Cheaper Than Therapy”

Surround yourself with people the genuinely care for you and want you to do your best.  Friends are cheaper than therapy and can accomplish things therapy only dreams of!

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Bravo.  Who care what other people think.  You do you and you will succeed!

“Imagination is Greater Than Detail”

Albert Einstein said it so you know it’s true.  Our imaginations are amazingly powerful.  Let it run wild and in the short-run forget the nitty gritty.  It’s amazing what you might come up with.